*Is there an age limit?

                                Children  of all ages can enjoy our ponies. There is no age  limit  If your child is very  young, the parent will be asked to walk along side the pony while                          the child rides. Please let us know when you book if you have taller or older children, we will accommodate with one of our larger mounts.
                             *What if it rains, where do you ride the ponies?
​                                                    We will lead the ponies in our enclosed 30 x 30 party tent adjacent to our large  40 x 50 party tent.
                             *Why do you request that we carpool?

                                    Our parking lot is very limited, and there will be other boarders here, as well as your party.  If possible, limiting your party to 15 cars would be much                                              appreciated.

                            *How many ponies should I have for my party? 

                                We suggest 1 pony for every 7 kids, we want to ensure everyone gets  lots of riding, (8-14 kids = 2 ponies, 14 -20 kids = 3 ponies ).

                            * Do you have operation hours?
                                                 No, we operate by appointment only.  Just call  1-800-753-7669 or email to make an appointment or schedule a tour of our facility. Please do not just                                                        drop in. Our party venue should be seen in full operation. Call to schedule a visit during a party, so you can see what it looks like. (If you drop in during the week, it would be like showing up in an office building at midnight... Not much to see!)
                            *What type of shoes should riders wear?

                               It  is suggested that anyone who is planning on riding a horse or pony  wear a closed-toe shoe and a shoe with a heel  to keep your foot secure in the                                                stirrup and to protect them from any accidents . (in fact, since the kids must remove their shoes to bounce in the bouncy house, boots that slip on 
                               and off are the best!) Long pants are also a good idea.  

                             *Can we bring our own food?
                                Yes we suggested that you do bring your food and drinks, we have no limitations on what you bring. Please also see our Party Planning Links page for more                                     helpful ideas.
                            *Is there pizza delivery in the area?
                                Jet City Pizza They offer allergen cautious options! 
                                Domino's 425.844.3030
                                Malby PIzza and Pasta (does not deliver, but it's just a mile away and great pizza!)
                                Costco ( does not deliver, but it's just a mile away) 425.806.7700 ext 5

                            *What else besides ponies do you offer?

                                We have 2 great commercial quality bouncy houses, one with an inflatable slide. A petting zoo, covered wagon rides around our farm, and a large covered party                                  tent. We can also offer face painting. In the winter, we can provide you with hot water for hot drinks, and   propane heaters for the tent. We are also excited to                                 announce we are in the process of updating and creating a wonderful indoor space. Our Cowboy Cottage is currently under renovations.
                              *Do you have a petting zoo?

                               Yes. We have a pygmy goat  (Tinkerbelle) ,a spotted llama (Bahama), a shetland sheep (Princess)  and two lions head bunnies on request!

                            *Do you provide safety helmets?
                                 We  do have spare helmets for use but it is suggested for sanitation reasons  that your child bring their own bicycle helmet with their name inside.
                            *How soon should I book my party?

                            Parties  are booked as early as 1 year in advance. A deposit of half the total is requested at  time of booking, refundable up to 3 weeks prior to your                                                        party. If you change your date, or time, the deposit is used for the new booking. If you do not put down a deposit, IT IS ENTIRELY POSSIBLE  that                                              someone else can call and book the exact time you wanted. We do not hold your reservation without a deposit, please call 1-800-753-Pony for special payment                                options.

                        *   Is smoking allowed? 
                               Please ask your party host where our designated smoking area is located.

                            *Where are you located?

                            We are in Woodinville, near Maltby. For a map and directions, go to our Contact Us page.

FAQs - Questions & Answers